I have been creating art works, professionally for over 50 years. For me creating artworks is a challenge. As I look at a work surface, be it a canvas or a piece of watercolor paper I begin my conversation with it. The surface says to me, “Create something, I dare you!”

Therefore, my adventure begins!

Much of my works develops as an intuitive process as my brush moves across the surface. I rarely work from preliminary drawings of sketches. I like the directness of working straight on the potentially finished surface. I start with a series of color washes or color fields and these areas “talk” to me. I then begin to introduce my linear networks.

These calligraphic lines have been part of my “style” for over 5 decades. In my recent works, the lines form a series of interlacing patterns. I use these linear complexes against and over areas of color. These interlacing networks vary in color and value. They can start as dark over light and then transition to light over dark. They also vary in width, generally going from thick to thin.

While I give titles to my works, I like most contemporary artists’ state, “the works should speak for themselves”; let the viewer make his/her determination as to the validity and the insights that they
draw from the work.”

- Norman Berman